Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SCRAP Challenge


My local art bee issued a challenge for the August meeting.

The Rules
1. The piece must measure 12" x 12" and hang on the wall.
2. At least 50% (preferably more) of the front must be made with supplies from SCRAP.
3. The spending limit at SCRAP is $5.00.

If you don't know about SCRAP, it's a non profit thrift store for artists near downtown Denton.  Here is a link, which also gives directions.  http://scrappdx.org/about/scrap-denton/

I found a colorful piece of fabric. I think it's polyester so I wanted to do something that didn't require a hot iron. (I've accidentally melted a piece or two when it snuck into an art quilt.)

I wanted to try to attach ShiSha mirrors like I'd seen at my Twisted Stitchers group.

There are some really bad ShiSha mirror tutorials out there, but I managed to figure it out. I'm still trying to think of a name.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Denton-Themed Quilt

I was asked to make 12x12" artwork for The Arts Guild (TAG) annual fundraising auction. The theme had to be about Denton. I decided to make a quilt with an image from the Denton County Farmer's Market. I manipulated two photos I took one Saturday morning and printed it on fabric with my inkjet printer. I thread painted the quilt on my home sewing machine.

It will be auctioned on November 10, 2012 at the Center for Visual Arts.