Monday, September 8, 2014

Red Dragonfly

In 2007 I took a machine quilting class with Diane Gaudynski. She had us make a practice sampler on a piece of fabric that was divided into sections. 
I came across my sampler recently and decided to finish it.
 Our pond is inhabited by red Flame Skimmer dragonflies. 
They are one of my favorite creatures.
I decided to add a dragonfly to this sampler.

I repeated a process I have used before to create wings on organza.
I drew the wings on Sulky Ultra Solvy water soluble stabilizer. 

 I squirted a little water on the stabilizer so it would become sticky 
and melt to the organza as it dried. 

After the organza and Solvy were completely dry, I free motion quilted 
the cells of the wings with rayon thread on the organza side.

 When I finished stitching the wings, I soaked them in warm water to remove the stabilizer
and carefully cut away the excess organza.

I fused the body of the dragon fly to the quilt and free motion stitched around the edges.

I attached the wings on the top edge so they are loose at the bottom.

One more UFO off my list!