Monday, December 15, 2008

Motorcycle ride

In addition to arty things, I enjoy riding my motorcycle. This photo is several years old but my bike still looks the same.

My husband and I have a standing date to meet several friends in the circle in front of our house every Sunday morning at 7 am (unless it's raining) for breakfast and a ride in the country. All but one of the regular crew was there yesterday and a new rider acted as photographer.

We chose the Decatur courthouse square as our destination this time.

While in the cafe, we noticed a poster advertising the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial – "The Wall That Heals". The Wall happened to be in Decatur this weekend and since we had two veterans in the group we decided to go see it.

It's not as spectacular as the Wall in DC but it was very moving. I recommend you see it if you ever get the chance.

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Jennifer said...

LOVE your bike! My husband and I would love to have one like that some day so we could get out together. Looks like you all have a lot of fun. Good to have a break from the arty stuff. Can give us more inspiration for creations!