Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet Rusty

This is our new dog, Rusty.

Jon has long admired our friend, Gary's black lab, Roady, and made the statement, "If I could find a laid-back dog like Roady, I'd have a dog again." 

Gary called from his weekend home in the country on Saturday and said he had our dog. This golden retriever had wandered up to his house and stayed. The neighbors didn't know the dog so Gary brought him home. The dog didn't have a collar and doesn't have a chip. There are no "lost dog" signs at the local Dairy Queen so it looks like we have a new dog. The vet thinks he's 9-12 months old.

Things are going pretty good. Rusty has nice manners and is doing better walking on a leash. We're still trying to work out our family routine. Wish us luck!

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judy coates perez said...

Judy K just told me you won several awards at the Dallas quilt show. Congratulations! I am sure they are fabulous, Now that you have won please post pics. I went to the DQG website but no photos were posted yet.