Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Multitude of Squares" and Wool purses

Mary handed me a sack of faux leather samples last week. "To combine into some art," she said.  I ran across them last weekend and noticed that the colors were similar to this pretty square-covered ribbon and fabric sample. My Twisted Stitchers art quilt group is doing some 12x12" quilts this year so I thought I'd try this size.

Multitude of Squares, 12x12"

I used some purple acrylic felt for the batting and added old buttons from my grandmother's button tin. It was a fun exercise.

Here's a little make-up bag made from a recycled wool sweater and a donated zipper. The pink in the heart is some wool I dyed with KoolAid in the microwave. I seem to be in a recycling mode lately.

This purse is called "Red Bird Bag II". I made a grey one for the Greater Denton Arts Council's "It's in the Bag" Purse Auction. I liked the design and wanted to try it again with red wool.

This time I used pop rivets to fasten the suede and polished cotton for the edge binding.

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kathy york said...

Hi Tonya!
I love these three! Very lovely! Especially the graphics of the bird in the tree, and such a cute little purse! Thanks for posting.