Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Plum Tree" and "Palisades II"

I'm still in recycling mode. I made these ultra suede leaves for another quilt but the green was too pale. The little pile of pale leaves compelled me to find a background that looked right.

Plum Tree, 12x12"

Here is the second set of  art quilts I made during Deborah Boschert's Small Art Quilts: Designing In a Series workshop. 
Palisades II. Each is 7x5".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Multitude of Squares" and Wool purses

Mary handed me a sack of faux leather samples last week. "To combine into some art," she said.  I ran across them last weekend and noticed that the colors were similar to this pretty square-covered ribbon and fabric sample. My Twisted Stitchers art quilt group is doing some 12x12" quilts this year so I thought I'd try this size.

Multitude of Squares, 12x12"

I used some purple acrylic felt for the batting and added old buttons from my grandmother's button tin. It was a fun exercise.

Here's a little make-up bag made from a recycled wool sweater and a donated zipper. The pink in the heart is some wool I dyed with KoolAid in the microwave. I seem to be in a recycling mode lately.

This purse is called "Red Bird Bag II". I made a grey one for the Greater Denton Arts Council's "It's in the Bag" Purse Auction. I liked the design and wanted to try it again with red wool.

This time I used pop rivets to fasten the suede and polished cotton for the edge binding.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dog Shower

My dear friends at coffee threw a Dog Shower for Rusty this week.

Rusty LOVED the toys and treats we showered him with.

He behaved really well and only smashed two of Grace's plants.

One of the toys didn't even make it home before he ripped it.

This moose has lost it's tummy but he still likes the squeakers in the feet.

The soccer dumbbell is easy for him to play toss with.

It makes him look like he's smiling.

Ahh... a good place to scratch.

Thank you to my dear friends for giving Rusty acceptable chew toys! (I wish I had thought to take a photo of the shredded sofa and chair cushions from our outdoor furniture!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Go Green Purse

Here's my third purse for the GDAC "It's In The Bag" auction.

I got a scrapbooky paper sample in the mail and was inspired to recycle it into a purse. I fused it into a Target plastic bag and cut away the top layer to expose the paper. I trapped some ribbon, stickers, etc between some batik fabric and tulle and stitched it all together. 

I realized that the tulle would be too fragile. I covered it with plastic and stitched some more.