Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dye Retreat 2010

I spent a week in steamy East Texas dying fabric with my friends. Four of us have been getting together since 1996. You can read more of the history here.

Ken added a wonderful deck of the back of his wood shop this year. We hooked up our sinks and a shade cloth. Very civilized.

Progress on the first day!
We tried a bit of discharge this year with 25% bleach and had better results than in previous years.

This one is cotton velveteen.

Chewey, the supervisor, sleeping on the job.

...a monoprint of a floor piece.

Kathi made the traditional cappuccino mousse.

Kathi, Tonya, Jill and Linda visited Ken at the lake one evening. The breeze from the lake was a nice change from the heat. This was another wonderful retreat. I can't wait to get started making something with my new fabric.

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Kristin L said...

That velveteen is luscious! The monoprint is really interesting too. Looks like a great day.