Friday, September 3, 2010

beaded silk

While tidying up my studio, I found some pieces of silk I had dyed in a class with Ginny Eckley a long time ago. I was looking for some handwork and noticed several flower-shaped tied spots on this one.

"Buzz off!," Said the Flower to the Bee. 13x12"

Deborah Boschert discovered that if you embroidery with felt as your middle layer instead of batting that you don't have as much bearding. 

The embroidery on her "Framing Flourish" quilt is what got me started looking for something to embellish.

I thought it needed a bee.

I liked the random edges of felt poking out from under the silk so I finished the edges with a blanket stitch. I think it's kind of unexpected to have the humble acrylic felt beneath the luxurious silk.

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