Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Merging Visions Exhibit 2011

In April (March 31 through April 30) which is National Poetry Month, the Denton Poets’ Assembly will join VAST (the Visual Arts Society of Texas) in a collaborative exhibit called “Merging Visions.” This is the fourth annual collaboration. This year, the exhibit will be held in all three branches of the Denton Public Library: North, South, and Emily Fowler Central. The showing is free and open to the public. There will be an opening reception at the Emily Fowler branch on April 9 from 3-5 p.m. 

All poems and artwork are originals created by members of the two groups. Some of the poems were created with the artwork as inspiration, and some were inspirations for the artwork. The pairings will be displayed on the walls of the libraries, and available to view during the libraries' open hours. A catalog will be placed at the entrance or reference desk of each library during the event.

Four of my quilts are in the exhibit. When I look at the exhibit, I wonder what came first, the art or the poem.

"Chairy Tree" is at the Emily Fowler Library.
J. Paul Holcomb's poem Remembering the Chairy Tree at Swan Lake 
was written after I made the quilt.

"Wine and Dine the Mind" is hanging in the North Branch Library.
This quilt was inspired by Beth Honeycutt's poem
After Reading "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
The poem is about our experience at book club when we discussed the book.

"The Doubler" is hanging in the North Branch Library.
This quilt was inspired by Beth Honeycutt's poem The Doubler.
The musician in the quilt is Beth's husband, Randy; 
a doubler who plays more than one instrument during one song.

"All I want for Christmas..." is at the South Branch Library.
Sandy Sanborn's poem High Fives was written after I made the quilt.

I hope you enjoy the exhibit.

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