Monday, June 4, 2012

Dishcharge with Dishwasher Liquid

A friend gave me four shirts to play with during my annual fabric-dying workshop next week. Unfortunately they are 50/50 Cotton/Poly. I don't like the results I get when dying cotton/poly so I thought I would play with some discharge ideas.

I put some cheap dishwasher liquid in a hair color applicator bottle. The cheap stuff seems to contain more bleach than the better dishwasher liquid.

 - wet Dishwasher Liquid -

I doodled on a couple of shirts and put them in the sun to dry.

I found it hard to rise out the dried liquid so after a while, I gave up and threw them in the washing machine with a couple of beach towels.

 - Washed and dried shirts -

I'm happy with the result. The black went to a heathered grey with a little brown around some of the edges and the magenta bleached to pale pink. Neither one smells like bleach.

1 comment:

Linda said...

i love the results. Do you want to bring the "bleach" or should I add to grocery list?