Thursday, April 4, 2013

Merging Visions Show at the Libraries

The Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST) collaborates with the Denton Poets’ Assembly and the Denton Public Libraries to create an annual exhibit of paired original art work and poetry in celebration of National Poetry Month. The exhibit opens April 1 at the Denton Public Libraries and is accessible to the public free of charge during regular library hours.

This year a created a quilt based on a poem by Beth Honeycutt called "The Doorway of Another Decade".

I combined photos of the Greenwood Store in North Texas with photos of old screen doors and "painted" the bright colors in PhotoShop.
"Jimmy's General Store" 19.25 x 29.75”

The image is printed on cotton fabric and quilted on my home sewing machine.

My quilt is on display at the Denton South Branch Library until May 17.
There are 51 pairing of poems and art in the three libraries.
I hope you will get a chance to see them.

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Juanita Johnson said...

I love this piece! I grew up about 5 miles from there :) So many memories that are as colorful as your work.