Monday, March 24, 2014

Dye Workshop

You might think that someone who has been dyeing fabric since 1986 would not need to take a dye class. Probably not, but I did. Frieda Anderson taught a workshop in Denton on Saturday. We learned the recipes for four different 12-step graduations and more.

 In the morning we did lemon, fuchsia and turquoise.

 Then we added more water to get a pastel version.

In the afternoon we did yellow, scarlet and cerulean blue.

We added black to the remaining dye and did another 12-step graduation.

I had some bedding factory remnants of an unknown white sateen that I used to wipe out the wash tub we were using. I'm pleased with the hand of the mystery fabric and happy to know that it will take dye. Thanks Marie for sharing your remnants!

I poured some of the leftover pastel dye on two pleat-folded T-shirts, and stuck them in a gallon baggie.

In the afternoon Frieda demonstrated squirting dye on a flat shirt and showed us how to roll in into plastic for the ride home.

...and how to make three layers of ombre fabric on a flat surface.

This shirt was dyed on the ground with dye squirted from a bottle.

Frieda's method is much more controlled that the method I use at our dye retreat. 
Here's a peak at retreat 2013.

I'm happy to have samples of Frieda's recipes.
I'll make swatches and add them to our dye books.
Thanks Frieda.

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