Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thrift Store Challenge

The "Not Your Grandmothers Bee" art quilt group was challenged to purchase something at the local Downtown Mini Mall in Denton and create something inspired by, or with the thing we bought.

I found a graduated teal blue coconut disk necklace. I like one-hole disks because they offer stitching options that two-hole buttons don't have.
"Red Fish"  17.25 x 19.5"

The background is a deconstructed silk screen print that I hand-quilted. 
The fish is a gel medium transfer of a black laser-copied fish drawing. 
I colored the fish with Sharpies and machine-quilted him. 
(The dried gel medium is too stiff to hand-quilt.)

Here are the creations of the rest of the bee...

"Play While You May" by Linda Creagh. 
19 x 22 inch quilt. This whimsical  image is reclaimed from a handmade apron found in Denton mini mall. It is composed of commercial and hand dyed fabric. It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

Debbie Coates made this framed art piece with the purchased Mother of Pearl pendant. 
The backing is Dupioni silk that was gifted to her and the lyrics are from the song Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.  Judy Nickles, a friend and fiction author was writing a mystery series inspired by the song and titled her book Under The Silvery Moon.  This framed piece was made for her birthday gift.  Hand embroidery with hand dyed silk ribbon.

The quilter bought an item that was wrapped in a scrap of red shibori fabric. 
She liked the shibori better and made this book cover.

This quilter purchased an antique dish cloth and wanted to practice her machine quilting.

Carla Hamm's inspiration was a Chico's tshirt. See it in the patterned vase, vertical stripe and flower.

...and detail

I love these challenges. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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