Wednesday, February 11, 2009

60th Birthday party

Last Thursday we attended the 60th birthday party for one of our motorcycle buddies. We were asked to wear a costume that reminded the birthday boy of a time period or event in his life. My husband and I had a blast looking for a 60's/70's costume.

Jon actually had a 'fro like this in the 70's. Yikes!

The cake was made of Hostess snowballs with red hots and mini marshmallows scattered around. Wax Coke bottles, vintage candy, cracker jacks, and tiny glass Coke bottles with peanuts were available for appetizers.

Dinner was yummy comfort food: ribs, homemade mac & cheese, baked beans, slaw, deviled eggs and biscuits. 

This fun "sushi tray" added to the snowball cake for dessert. Groovy! 

We went home with a Pez dispenser, Twinkies, Silly Putty, a water gun, a Slinky and more candy. What nostalgic fun!

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