Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Creating and recycling

I finally started a quilt that's been in my head for several years. I know I'm going to wish I had made it bigger but I was in the mood to work smaller. (25 x 20") More to come soon.

Linda Creagh created this stunning quilt called "Earth Two" earlier this year. She dyed the fabric at our dye retreat last summer by pouring the dye onto fabric that was hanging on a clothesline.

While at a sewing retreat at Linda's house, I found the trimmings from this quilt in the trash. I couldn't believe that she would throw away such gorgeous fabric. She told me to take the scraps and do with as I wished.   :)

I started this little 12x12" art quilt for a donation.

I also made some notebook covers.

Rusty is still supervising my recycling efforts.

Have a happy day!


Deanna said...

Ha! That last photo is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree project! Looks like a tree that we have in the back pasture, can't wait to see how it turns out. You do such amazing work!

Sharon said...

That last picture of your dog is a hoot! Thanks for the laugh. I think if it was mine, I'd blow it up to a poster. ;)