Monday, January 25, 2010

Sue Benner Workshop

I took a workshop by Sue Benner on Saturday called Self-Portrait: The Artist as Quilt. I've been wanting to do an art-themed self-portrait quilt for a couple of years. I had heard the phrase "Think Art... Just Start!" and wanted to incorporate it into a self-portrait quilt. When I heard Sue was teaching this workshop, I signed up right away.

Sue had us fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the class that included questions like: How would you describe yourself with three adjectives?; What are your strengths?; Your flaws? One of my flaws is the fear of beginning which is why I liked the phrase "Think Art... Just Start!" A yoga class I took last spring ended with the "No Fear" pose, see the quilt below. I knew I should use the pose for a self-portrait about beginning.

I've been collecting similar phrases that I will incorporate in the quilting.
Make time for Art!
Art is... Three letters, One syllable, A lifetime of exploration.

If you know of a similar phrase, please send it to me.

I did a miserable job of taking pictures during the class but here are a few.

Deborah blogged about her experience.

I loved the leaf hair on this one.

The hair is 3D on Linda's.

Fannie and Jo also blogged about the workshop.
I really enjoyed the class and plan to complete my self-portrait when I've finished a few deadlines.


Carol C said...

Wow, Tonya! How cool!!! I'm amazed to know that you have trouble starting projects! You're so prolific. There's always the Nike slogan, 'Just do it!'

Fannie said...

Meaningful piece, Tonya. You did a great job, and worked fast too. Thanks for sharing.