Monday, January 25, 2010

Sue Benner Workshop

I took a workshop by Sue Benner on Saturday called Self-Portrait: The Artist as Quilt. I've been wanting to do an art-themed self-portrait quilt for a couple of years. I had heard the phrase "Think Art... Just Start!" and wanted to incorporate it into a self-portrait quilt. When I heard Sue was teaching this workshop, I signed up right away.

Sue had us fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the class that included questions like: How would you describe yourself with three adjectives?; What are your strengths?; Your flaws? One of my flaws is the fear of beginning which is why I liked the phrase "Think Art... Just Start!" A yoga class I took last spring ended with the "No Fear" pose, see the quilt below. I knew I should use the pose for a self-portrait about beginning.

I've been collecting similar phrases that I will incorporate in the quilting.
Make time for Art!
Art is... Three letters, One syllable, A lifetime of exploration.

If you know of a similar phrase, please send it to me.

I did a miserable job of taking pictures during the class but here are a few.

Deborah blogged about her experience.

I loved the leaf hair on this one.

The hair is 3D on Linda's.

Fannie and Jo also blogged about the workshop.
I really enjoyed the class and plan to complete my self-portrait when I've finished a few deadlines.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wiggly Field

I took Rusty to the Wiggly Field dog park this morning.

It has three fenced areas where dogs can run free off leash.
One for under 30 pounds, one for over 30 pounds and another for training.

He was in heaven.

He ran and ran and ran.

He play chase with some new friends.

What a great place for dogs.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time for Beading

I've been blessed with lots of graphic design work lately. The need to get a bunch of quilts ready for a show deadline has consumed all my spare time. When the entry form was in the mail, I took some time to play with the beads that have been calling to me.

My friend Cheryl made this cute pendant for me. It says "she works magic with her needle" on this side and "quilting pixie" on the other side. I restrung it with some green and turquoise beads so I could wear it with more things.

Pat gave me five beautiful white ceramic buttons from South Africa for Christmas. For the bracelet, I strung four on leather cord with a thrift store belt decoration and some glass beads. I used a similar treatment on the necklace.

It was fun to work on something different for a while.

Saturday, January 2, 2010